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Far Infrared Sauna
Our sauna uses a combination of traditional sauna dry heat and infrared light heat therapy.  In addition to promoting relaxation, this treatment activates the sweat glands, helping the body eliminate toxins via the skin.  Other benefits include relief from muscle pain, increased circulation and assistance with weight loss.  Sauna sessions can be used alone or in conjunction with your massage service.

15 Minutes                                     $10
30 Minutes                                     $15

Sauna Series     6 session for the price of 5
15 Minute Sessions     $50 ($8.33 per session)
30 Minute Sessions     $75 (12.50 per session)   

Spa Massages

Relaxation Facial                        $50

Wash away your stress with the purifying and relaxing treatment. The 3 step process includes a micro-refining facial scrub, detoxifying mud mask and a bio-forming facial massage cream. Steamed towels are used between each step and cucumber infused pads are placed on your eyes while you receive massage to your neck, shoulders, arms and hands.  This service is a duration of 40 minutes.

* ADD ON a Relaxation Facial to any duration of traditional massage for just $25  - this adds 15 minutes to your total service time

*Seasonal facial products are available as an alternative to our signature facial  products.  Ask your therapist for choices upon arrival

Seasonal Spa Massage            $120_

Enjoy 1 Hour and 45 Minutes of complete relaxation with your favorite aromas of the season!  This service includes a full body massage, steamed towels for your face with an exfoliating mud mask mud mask.  Your hands and feet will be wrapped in steamed towels and then exfoliated with salt scrub followed by a rich moisture cream.

​​Aromatherapy Indulgence Massage               $79

Indulge your senses with the power of aromatherapy. This 70 minute full body massage service includes steamed towels for your face, hands and feet to further open your pores, allowing your body to drink in the essential oil infused massage lotion of your choosing.

Aromatherapy Blends:

Bliss - Subtle notes of Bergamot & Rosewood

Renewal - Subtle notes of Mint & Rosemary

Serenity - Subtle notes of Lavender & Orange

Do you have a favorite essential oil?  Ask your therapist about making a custom aromatherapy blend for you!

*ADD ON any of these aromatherapy blends to your traditional massage for just $5

Paraffin Treatment              $20

Treat your hands AND feet by having them dipped into a warm, essential oil rich paraffin wax and then placed in heated mittens and booties for approximately 10 minutes to soften dry, cracked skin. This service can aid in circulation and relieve the pain and stiffness caused by overuse or arthritis. A massage to the hands and feet is included in this 20 minute service.

*You may choose to have only hands OR feet for this service for $15