Traditional Massage Services

Massage Therapy

All of our massage services are designed to be All About You!.  Whether you choose a shorter session or wish to experience a longer duration of massage, your therapist will be sure to address your needs discussed during consultation.  For any massage, light to deep pressure is used, based on your preference and comfort level.  All of our therapists are trained in the traditional techniques of Swedish Massage which ranges from Relaxation Therapy to Deep Tissue Massage.

30 Minute Massage                          $45

A 30 minute session is designed to provide targeted treatment for one or two areas of concern.

45 Minute Massage                           $59

Want to address those areas that always seem so tense?  45 minutes provides the perfect opportunity to work on the neck, shoulders and back.

60 Minute Massage                           $79

The most popular duration of massage, 60 minutes is perfect if you would like a full body massage

90 Minute Massage                           $118

Experience true bliss with this longer massage session.  90 minutes provides ample time for a full body massage along with targeted treatment for special areas of concern.

​120 Minute Massage                         $158

NEW and exclusively offered with Chance Kleinpeter, LMT.  120 minutes is great for total body relaxation while addressing all of your specific muscle aches and pains.

​Massage Series *
Come here often?  Purchase multiple sessions and receive greater savings!  
Massage Series come in a package of 6 sessions for the price of 5. 

*Massage series do not apply toward the purchase of gift certificates.  A massage series is intended for the use of a single client, however, we will allow a series to be shared with an immediate family member

​30 Minute Sessions        $225                               
45 Minute Sessions        $295  
60 Minute Sessions        $395
90 Minute Sessions        $590 

​120 Minute Sessions     $790

60 Minute Hot Stone Massage   $90

Smooth basalt stones are heated to approximately 130 degrees and used as extension of the therapist hands to deliver a massage that melts away tension and sends you into a complete state of relaxation.  The heat of the stones allow for deeper penetration of muscle tissue and is good for those who experience chronic muscle pain.

90 Minutes also available for $130

60 Minute Couples Massage        $158

​Experience your massage with a friend or loved one in our couples suite.  

To book your couples massage, please call the massage center, or book 2 single sessions online with different therapists for the same time-frame and make a notation in your appointment that the couples suite is requested.

30 minute and 90 minute couples sessions are also available for $90 (30 min) and $236(90 min)

Cold Stone Migraine & Sinus Therapy      $65

This 40 minute service combines the use of  chilled marble stones , aromatherapy and a massage technique that focuses on the muscles of the scalp, face, neck and shoulders.  The special stones are applied to the areas of the face and back of the neck to reduce inflammation that is often the root source of the pain.  This session also includes a relaxing arm and hand massage.

*This service can also be added to any duration of massage session for an additional $25.

Prenatal Massage**

30 Minutes                                       $45

60 Minutes                                       $79

In prenatal massage, your therapist will work with light to medium pressure to provide relief to areas of the body that are under extra strain.  During treatment, the expectant mother will be positioned with pillows to allow for a safe and comfortable side lying massage.

**Please check with your doctor prior to scheduling to insure that massage is safe for you.  Also, please inform us how many weeks along you will be at the time of your appointment.