Meet Our Staff

         Being a massage therapist is just a job for some, but for our staff, the healing arts is a calling.

                                                   Trish Brumelis, LMT and Owner                          

                                                   As the owner of Westwinds Massage Therapy since 2015, Trish is excited to bring  her style wellness and                                                                   massage therapy to the people of Amherst and surrounding communities.
                                                   Trish is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage and is Licensed by the Ohio State Medical                                                              Board.  She practices all of the traditional modalities of Swedish Massage and enjoys performing deep tissue                                                             work,  trigger point therapy and positional release.  Trish also performs hot stone massage and prenatal                                                                     massage. She is passionate about the holistic healing benefits of massage and works hard at making  each                                                                    client's session  successful, whether its relieving pain or providing relaxation. Trish also has                                                                                                  Trish is available Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and select Saturdays

                                                    Due to Trish's large client base, her schedule tends to book 9 or more weeks in advance

                                                    and is not currently accepting new clients.          


​                                                    Daliaime "Aime" Torres, Licensed Aesthetician
                                                    If you've been to Westwinds, you've no doubt met Aime, since she doubles as our expert in skincare and our                                                              receptionist on Tuesdays.  She joined the Westwinds family back in May of 2018.  She has lived and worked                                                              both here in the US and in Puerto Rico in the resort industry where she also studied and performed aesthetic                                                          skincare.  She delivers a  custom facial experience that will leave you relaxed and refreshed and give                                                                              recommendations for at home skincare routines.  Aime also performs microdermabrasion facials.

                                                    Aime also does facial hair removal - keeping those eyebrows looking sleek and defined.  

                                                    She also performs body exfoliations and administers paraffin dips for hands and feet.

​                                                    Amy is available Monday through Friday and Alternate Saturdays

                                                        Aliyah Thomas, LMT
Aliyah joined our team of therapists on January of 2024 and is a 2023 graduate of the Cleveland Institute of                                                            Medical Massage.  Even as a newer therapist, her schedule is filling quickly because of the fantastic service                                                                she provides.  Aliyah currently performs therapeutic massage.  She will soon offer hot stone massage and                                                                    pre- natal massage.
Aliyah is available Mondays 3PM - 8PM, Tuesdays 10AM- 6PM, Wednesdays 10AM - 3PM and select Saturdays

​                                                       Chance Kleinpeter, LMT

                                                        Chance is a 2017 graduate of the Cuyahoga Community College Massage Therapy Program.  He joined                                                                        our team in November of 2020 and is definitely a favorite of our clients.  He a knack for deep tissue/deep                                                                    pressure massage that is both therapeutic and relaxing.  He also performs prenatal massage and hot stone                                                                massage.   Chance offers a quite massage - unless you get him talking about Cleveland sports teams.  He is a                                                              Cleveland Browns fan thru and thru!

                                                       Chance is available, Tuesday thru Saturday for Daytime and Evening Appointments

                                                      Ardy Ellis, LMT

                                                      Ardy, has over 20 years experience in massage therapy. 

                                                       She is a graduate of the Ohio College of Massotherapy in Akron, Ohio.  Her background includes extensive                                                                 work in injury recovery in a chiropractic setting.  One could  describe her style of massage as therapeutic and                                                           invigorating.  She is skilled in deep tissue/deep pressure with a passion of getting to the root of the problem                                                               when it comes to muscle pain.

                                                      Ardy is available Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 11:30AM- 3PM                                                       

​                                                        Keri Foster, Receptionist

                                                        If you've been to Westwinds  on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday, you have no doubt been greeted by Keri!                                                              Keri has been a long time client and bestie of Trish for over 10 years, so when we were looking for someone                                                              to help out at the desk part time, Keri jumped right in to join the team!



​                                                               Sharon McNutt, LMT
                                                               Sharon is a 2018 graduate  of the Massage Therapy program of the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage.                                                                                              She joined our team in February of 2019 and has a long list of clients that enjoy her style of                                                                                                                                     massage.  Sharon has a caring touch, whether you are looking for a relaxing session or are in need of a more                                                                                              therapeutic massage.  She consistently addresses pain issues and many times offers advice during and after                                                                                                sessions with different stretching techniques. 

                                                                      Sharon is temporarily unavailable












What We Do

Westwinds Massage Therapy has been a part of Amherst, Ohio since 2003.  A visit to our center is both therapeutic and relaxing.  We offer massage treatments that are designed exclusively for you and your specific needs.  We also now offer aesthetic services, such as custom skincare facials and hair removal.  Whether you are coming in to relax or to have a specific issue addressed, you will leave here feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and restored.

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Our Massage Center

We have 4 quiet and inviting treatment rooms equipped with professional grade, heated massage tables.  Your comfort is important to us.  Our tables have soft linens and cozy blankets to make you feel secure and warm during your massage treatment.

We also have a Far Infrared Sauna that can be scheduled alone or  with your massage service.